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A gasifier is a dangerous thermo-chemical device. Like most useful tools, it has the potential to do harm when used incorrectly. A gasifier purposely generates carbon monoxide and other dangerous volatile organic gases as an interim step before combustion of the gas in an engine or at a flare. Carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless, and will quickly colonize your hemoglobin, leaving no sites left for oxygen to land. Acute exposure to carbon monoxide can be fatal. Exposure to other VOCs is also dangerous.
THEREFORE always use a gasifier in a well ventialted space with adequate air changes. Always stay out of the smoke and/or produced gas before it is combusted. Know that this is NOT typical campfire smoke. Do NOT treat it as if it were. The carbon monoxide concentrations in gasifier gas are higher than in other "smokes". You can get in trouble quickly, usually before you realize it.
Ignition is a two person operation, in consideration of the safety aspects: keep an eye on your colleage and be aware of your own safety. If you feel nausea, dizziness or develop a headache leave the gasifier area and seek medical advice.
Always have a fast reacting carbon monoxide meter in the area where you are working. Carbon monoxide meters are included in your kit, if not they are available at more hardware stores.