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Gas1 Biomass gasification is the conversion of solid fuels (wood/ wood-waste, agricultural residues, straw, poultry litter, etc.) into a combustible gas mixture called producer gas. It involves the complete pyrolysis of the biomass into charcoal and tarry gases. These gases are then oxidised at high temperature to eliminate any tars and the resulting light gas reduced over the hot charcoal to a gas rich in combustible CO and H2.

The essential characteristic of the down-draft design we use is that the tars given off in the pyrolysis zone are very efficiently drawn from the carbonised biomass and passed to the oxidation zone where they are broken down - cracked - at high temperature before being reduced to a useable gas. When this happens, the energy they contain is usefully recovered and the mixture of gases in the exit stream is clean enough to be used in an internal combustion engine.

Efficiency is defined as that part of the biomass energy that is available in the final producer gas. We aim for 80% to 85% gasification efficiency depending on the mode in which the gas is being used. For details of electricity generation methods using our Ultra Clean Mode producer gas CLICK HERE

Gasification can be applied over a range of output ratings. Our gasifiers are available from a size of 45 kWe upwards. The gas can be used for generating power and for thermal applications. CLICK HERE for further details