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Q How much biomass will I need?

Our gasifiers consume around 0.8 kg of dry wood per kWh of electricity generated. So to generate 90kW of electricity all the time (say 8000 hours/year based on 90% up time) you will need around 14 tonnes/week of wood chips with 15% moisture.

Q What output can I expect?

In addition to the rated electrical power there is process heat. A typical 90kWe system will provide around 115kWt of heat recovered from both the generator set exhaust (550 degC) and the engine radiator (75 degC). This heat can be utilised for any purpose, such as a district heating scheme, wood chip drying, crop drying, greenhouse heating, etc..

Q What else will I need to operate a system?

Electric power - at start-up a source of 3 phase electricity (grid or small genset) is needed for the electricial control and data systems and the start-up blower
Water Supply - the system uses a small amount of clean water

Q What if my requirements are larger than your modular solution?

Not a problem. Our modules can be bought in multples and run side by side. This has the added advantage of minimising the amount of time when there is zero production due to down time (maintenance, etc.)