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High Efficiency Modular Biomass Gasification Systems High Efficiency Modular Biomass Gasification Systems
Thompson Spaven design and build gasification systems for small decentralised biomass energy projects. Our modular technology for electricity and heat generation is among the most advanced of renewable energy technologies. Our systems provide efficient solutions for customers with independant energy requirements including farming and other agribusinesses, local authorities, distributed electricity generators, municipalities, forestry/woodland managers and industrial enterprises.

Our highly efficient co-current reactors convert low cost biomass residues into a clean fuel gas stream - "producer gas" - that is both renewable and carbon neutral. We provide electrical power generation from a range of specially adapted gensets.

We provide a series of partially or fully automatic modular producer gas systems for off-grid and grid connected power generation systems. The standard module is 90kW electricity plus 115kW heat (90degC water). We can offer multiples of this unit and also produce gasifiers in the range up to 500kWe. There are also modules for gas conditioning using cyclones and bag house filtration, plus combined heat and power (CHP) add-ons.

We have a fully modular range of spark ignition gensets fully adapted to producer gas, with electronic air/gas mix control.

Latest Installations

Thompson Spaven's current Advanced Gas Producer module is capable of producing 90 KWe of renewable electricity from clean wood and waste wood feedstock.

The unit incorporates several novel innovations to the traditional co-current gasification process. The plant has been fabricated in Coventry, using materials and components sourced primarily in the UK.